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Skyline Trader

Darkpool and Options Markets insights

Supply & Demand live data

Never miss a market move again with our Real-Time Alert System, seamlessly integrated with your TradingView Indicators. Get instant alerts on crucial market shifts directly on your mobile or desktop. Stay informed, stay profitable, even when you're on the go!

  Learn when trend shifts.
Supply & Demand Scanner (VSA) is clearly displaying on the chart incoming supply and demand.
  Smart Volume.
With our Volume indicator, you get detailed insights about fake moves (orange bars on chart) and split between Buying and Selling Volume for each candle/bar.
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Stay informed

Gamma Levels

Indicator provides key levels to equip traders with highly-actionable trading intelligence. Learn when to open and close your positions.

  Extreme Low and High of the day.
Trade reversal from these levels as price tends to stay in calculated range during the day (74% probability rate).
  Trend Day identification.
Breaking and passing last Gamma Levels is equal to Trading Days. Open short position below Gamma -1 or long position above Gamma +1 level and ride the wave!
  Balance Point.
Price reversing from +/- 0.5 level tends to come back into Balance Point (87% accuracy).
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