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Skyline Trader

Dominate the Markets with This All-In-One Sierra Chart Powerhouse

Get unmatched institutional insights and pinpoint trade entries with this comprehensive template.

Uncover Institutional Intent

Visualize order flow with crystal clarity using the Bid x Ask footprint and proprietary algorithms that expose Institutional buying and selling signals directly on your chart.

Master Market Dynamics

Effortlessly identify high-probability trade zones with VPOC for each candle, revealing crucial points of control.

Spot Imbalances in Seconds

Pinpoint potential trend shifts using visual displays of Buying and Selling Imbalances.

Key Stats at Your Fingertips

Gain instant access to essential decision-making data, including Bid/Ask ratio, Delta, and more, presented in a streamlined data table.

Target High-Impact Levels

Visualize stacked limit orders with the heatmap, revealing critical resistance and support zones favored by large players.

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